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CoupFlip Consumer Q&A
Coupflip does not yet have a mobile application for iPad, iPhone, or Android devices or any other mobile devices.  However, their website reports that mobile applications will be coming soon! more
The beauty of CoupFlip is that there is nothing necessary to ship.  You pay for your second-hand voucher, download it, and its ready to use for goods, activities, or other services sold and resold to you at a phenomenal rate at CoupFlip.  Even cooler than Groupon, Living Social, Sweet Jack... more
CoupFlipaccepts the payment methods listed below. PayPal Visa Card Debit & Credit Cards Mastercard Debit & Credit Cards Discover Card American Express Card CoupFlipdoes not accept the payment methods listed below. Money Orders E-checks Personal Checks Cashier's Checks  ... more
CoupFlip Overview
CoupFlip is a new and exciting website that allows you to sell daily deals you may have hastily purchased or have decided you won't be using on websites like Groupon, Living Social, Saveology, and other Daily Deal Sites.  CoupFlip expands on the services provided by group websites and takes it a step further, allowing you to resell deals you won't be using. You are compensated via PayPal for your voucher if you choose to sell your daily deal rights.  Its not necessary to wait for buyers to come along like you need to do on eBay or Craigslist.  You surrender your voucher by downloading it to CoupFlip, get paid, and you are finished!  On CoupFlip you can buy deals you ... more
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